Stylist and interior designer Marcus Paul grew up in New York City, where his design vocabulary evolved with a changing skyline.


A lifelong passion for architecture eventually translated to a career in interior design— in his words, “one doesn’t work without the other”—but fashion was always close to his heart. For Marcus, constructing a great look is as much about shape and structure as creating a beautiful living space.


His talent for combining vintage and new, luxury and streetwear has made Marcus a unique creative force in the fashion industry.


For Marcus, styling isn’t about succumbing to trends or the latest “it” piece. It’s about thinking outside the box, or finding a new approach that leads to something fresh, personal….even a little surprising.


Guided by the credo, “perfection is our goal, excellence will be tolerated” (J.Yahl), Marcus brings passion to every creative project, whether the client is high-profile, a private citizen, or an international retailer.


His point of view—combined with a preternatural talent for recognizing what’s new, now and next in the industry—make his aesthetic unique, and his clients some of the best dressed in the world.