Celebrity Image-maker, Marcus Paul weighs in on the importance of originality and representation in today’s fashion.

Celebrity Image Consultant On The Downside of Digital Culture In Fashion And His Advice To New Comers

Words, Delanique Millwood

Photography, Marcus Richardson

Through word of mouth and his extensive connections within the entertainment business, Marcus Paul has been able to collaborate with some of the world’s biggest record labels and luxury brands to elevate his high profile clientele. In truth, Mr. Marcus Paul is the New York based Creative Image Consultant behind the styling of some of our favorite celebrities. Remember the beaded lapel jacket Pusha T wore to the 61st Annual Grammy Awards this year? Yes, that was him, and his resume doesn’t end there. He has garnered an array of authoritative projects rounding out the likes of Complex Magazine, GQ, Lebron James, and Rap legend, Jay Z to name a few.

On the day BOND OFFICIAL met Mr. Marcus Paul for the first time, it was a chilly and busy day in downtown Manhattan — filled with hasty passersby in true New York fashion.

With a tall presence like Mr. Marcus Paul’s (literally, and figuratively) – one that can come off as intimidating as his mesmeric raspy tone of voice, his reserved, and relaxed nature came as somewhat of a surprise.

Almost immediately after he started to resonate with being in front of the camera, something he assured us he’s still not very used to, due to his job requiring him to work on the other side of the lens, we started to engage in conversation about his perspectives as a front man in the state of current affairs in the creative industry – specifically men’s fashion.

For Mr. Marcus Paul, style isn’t contingent on the luxury labels people are wearing, it’s a personal aesthetic that creates a shock value. Piecing a variety of layers within fashion and curating a personal style is what sets the tone for a signature style.

When we asked about preferred style icons, Mr. Paul referred to the likes of Pharrell Williams and Lapo Elkann. Both men whom are coined for their unparalleled sense of style and armor of good tailoring.

As an ambassador of the industry who is always on the road and is fully integrated within the depths of fashion culture, he has access to the fashion influences – sometimes long before they make way to the runway. It is safe to say that Mr. Paul is an insider who is here to help pave the way for original style and representation in an industry that has been seemingly lacking in the last few years.

When it comes to his signature style, he asserted that he likes to leave a stamp of timelessness in everything he does. “I’d like to look at my images ten years from now and still find it relevant” he says. Though Mr Paul’s experiences span across some of today’s most influential creative entities, he considers himself a ‘work in progress’ continuously paying his dues in an industry that is evolving as fast as words can fly.

This sort of modesty from such an accomplished image maker is partly due to his yearn for learning and the lack of men who look like him at the decision making table – a table where he undoubtedly deserves a seat. “Brands continue to miss the mark because they lack diversity within their executive teams. If we had more people of color be a part of the decision making, we would not be having these types of conversations today” he says commenting on the recent controversies that have taken place in the last few months with brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and H&M.

“Everyone thinks they’re an expert because they see things through the lens of social media, but no one is really doing their research to educate themselves on references – like how Cristobal Balenciaga is originally from Spain and how he influenced fashion front-runners like Karl Lagerfeld. ” — MR. MARCUS PAUL

Nonetheless, Mr. Paul manages to rise to the occasion with a high end goal to establish a sense of style that is original, and tasteful – a sentimental cue of what some might say the creative fashion industry was before the social media era. As much as Mr. Marcus Paul praised the pacesetting opportunities the platform has been able to bring about, he also didn’t hold back on its downsides as it pertains to industry standards.

“Social Media has sabotaged many individuals in the fashion industry as much as it has helped.” says Mr. Paul, “Now, everyone is a photographer and a stylist, but what truly separates those individuals is the kind of work they put in. In the past, everyone wanted to be original and it seems as though a big chunk of the new generation isn’t able to differentiate between good and bad material. Everyone thinks they’re an expert because they see things through the lens of social media, but no one is really doing their research to educate themselves on references – like how Cristobal Balenciaga is originally from Spain and how he influenced fashion front-runners like Karl Lagerfield. I have a duty to inspire and inform people based on my experiences in the business and from my point of view.”

Regardless of the industry’s shortcomings in present-day culture, Mr. Paul remains optimistic about the future of the space. For him, it’s all about communicating accurately. To upcoming industry leaders, he says, “See with fashion, it’s either you’re born with wings or without. Do the research and the work. You can’t become great, if you don’t study. If you want to be in the fashion business, know who is who. If someone walks into a room who is a fashion editor, are you going to know who that person is or is it only about the celebrities?”

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Grammys 2019: The Best-Dressed Guys on Music’s Biggest Night

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How 3 of New York’s Coolest Guys Are Prepping for Men’s Fashion Week



With New York Men’s Fashion Week kicking off today—the final leg of a multicity showing of Fall 2017’s menswear collections—the jig, as they say, is up. No longer can the cultural myth that men simply aren’t invested in the fuss of fashion pervade—in fact, they’re central figures these days, and they look great doing so. Which is why we asked three of the coolest attendees to spill the secrets on how they prep for the whirlwind rotation of front rows, backstage appearances, parties, and the possible runway cameo.

From breaking out their most experimental sample sale purchases, channeling Cam’ron in a shock of very manly pink, pumping Migos as they traverse the city en route to show after show, and waiting with bated breath to see if certain NFL quarterbacks show up in the front row, these fashion insiders are prepared for whatever comes their way (Raf Simons, most likely included).

Oh, what, you thought only their female counterparts peacocked?

Here, Marcus Paul, image and creative consultant,  breaks down his Fashion Week guy codes.

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Zara Larsson’s Stylist Talks About Her ‘Museum Piece’ VMAs Dress: Exclusive

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 3 issue of Billboard, by



Though Zara Larsson didn’t wind up getting a Moonman in the Best New Artist category at last night’s VMAs (Aug. 28), she certainly made an impression in the style department. For her first trip to the awards show, the 18-year-old wore a vintage velour Thierry Mugler sweetheart dress in a striking shade of green, black peep-toe heels, and matching emerald and diamond jewelry.

Billboard spoke exclusively with celebrity stylist Marcus Paul, who also works with Desiigner, Pusha T and Jay Z about Larsson’s vintage “museum-worthy” dress.

You’ve styled Zara for four months now. How has her approach to fashion changed since working together?

Zara has her own style and when we work together, it’s a collaboration. She knows what she likes, and she’ll tell you if she doesn’t like something. For the VMAs there were so many great options — that’s a good problem to have.

Tell us about the inspiration for Zara’s VMA look.

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Marcus Paul: The Stylist With a Mission to Make Hip-Hop Move Past Streetwear & Embrace Alt Brands

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 3 issue of Billboard, by Bee Shapiro.


Sartorial derring-do has long defined hip-hop’s streetwear fashions. But with hoodies and sweatshirts reaching critical mass, a refined take on hip-hop style is emerging. Brooklyn-based men’s stylist and former model Marcus Paul is an evangelist for the movement, taking a polished-is-better approach when dressing stars like LeBron James, Jay Z, Pusha T and Desiigner. “I care about the quality of the garment, which a lot of younger people don’t seem to care about.”

To that end, Paul leans on tailored indie brands and highbrow European labels for the artists he styles.

For Pusha T’s 2015 album Darkest Before Dawn, Paul selected a fitted embellished sweater overcoat by Belgian designer Dries Van Noten, whose fabrics and use of color and patterns “are amazing,” says Paul. “I don’t have anything against streetwear, but I’m looking for details and not necessarily brands.”

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The World’s Best-Dressed Street Style Stars, According to Photographers

By Alec Leach For Highsnobiety.com 

Fashion week is serious business these days. The format has fast evolved into a global spectacle, giving outsiders a glimpse into the mad circus that is fashion week, with all its ever-changing trends, outrageously expensive outfits and Instagram-savvy #influencers. Street style has launched careers, generated millions of clicks for online publications and produced some incredible eye candy, thanks to the many spectacular — or just straight-up gaudy — outfits on show.

With the Spring/Summer 2017 shows fast approaching (London Collections: Men kicks the schedule off on June 10), I hit up a few photographer friends of mine to see who’s killing it on the fashion week circuit these days, from rap megastars to industry insiders and off-duty models.

Stay tuned for a ton of street style action throughout June, as our street style snappers hit up the world’s fashion capitals to document the best — and most outrageous — outfits on show.


“Marcus Paul’s style is always on point. The designer he wears the most, Haider Ackermann, is also one of my favorites, so I really enjoy shooting him. Also, it feels great to see a professional stylist who can actually style himself perfectly. Surprisingly, it’s not so easy to find nowadays.” – Julien Boudet.

Photo By Julien Boudet, @bleumode

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Meet Marcus Paul, Pusha T’s Stylist


On 2011’s “No Church in the Wild,” Jay Z raps about a cocaine white Rolls Royce, “drug dealer chic.” Yesterday, he and G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T dropped their latest single, “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” that will be on Push’s forthcoming album. It’s no secret that Push very well could be the king of coke rap, so maintaining a look that doesn’t abandon his own personal style, but is good enough for the president of G.O.O.D. Music, adidas collaborator, and OG in the game is important. To help him get there, meet Marcus Paul, the man behind Pusha’s style.

With an impressive list of clients—including Lebron James, Jay Z, and C.C. Sabathia—Paul tells us his business has grown solely through word of mouth and the strong rapport he has with his clients beyond just improving their closets. “Every client I’ve worked with, I try to build a relationship with them, because it’s not only a professional relationship, but also a personal one, and I think that that’s important,” he says. Paul strives to show his level of dedication and immersion beyond picking the right belt or sneaker. Clothing helps his clients play the part of the well put-together celebrity who is ready to go at all times. “They’re extremely tired, but they’ve still got to put on that mask of, ‘Yo, I’m an artist, I’ve got to smile, I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do.’ It’s important, and I admire that,” he adds. This level of connection has served him well as he continues to add new names to his clientele list, including those he says he is not yet at liberty to share, but excited to hint toward. “Let’s just say, they have some things that are out already that are making waves,” he says about two of his recent acquisitions.


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